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Photo by Gülin Esen on Unsplash

Which is Better – Bodrum Or Antalya?

Which Is Better: Bodrum or Antalya?

Bodrum and Antalya, Turkey’s two major resort areas, offer different experiences for holiday-goers. If you’re searching for an idyllic beach holiday with plenty of cultural landmarks and historic sites, Bodrum might be your ideal pick. But if adventure and more cultural activities are more your style, Antalya could offer more excitement.

Bodrum offers more beaches and is more family-friendly

If you’re searching for a beach holiday with plenty of safe, family-friendly beaches, Bodrum might be your perfect pick. There are several excellent spots around the peninsula – Gumbet and Bitez being two of the best – as well as Camel Beach if you’re after some waterpark fun.

Bodrum boasts many world-class resorts and offers plenty of family fun with water parks and watersports. Visitors can also take day trips to nearby attractions like the Roman amphitheater at Aspendos or Perge’s ancient ruins for some serious sightseeing.

History buffs will enjoy visiting Bodrum, with its numerous historic landmarks like the Mausoleum of Mausolus and ancient theatre. All are easily reachable on day trips from Bodrum and can be explored within a short amount of time.

Antalya, Turkey’s largest city on the Turkish Riviera, has become a major tourist attraction in itself. With plenty of parks and green spaces as well as plenty of shopping options available, Antalya truly has something for everyone.