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Where to Go in Bodrum Turkey

Where to Go in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is a sought-after travel destination for Turkish residents and visitors alike, boasting stunning beaches and world-class resorts. This southwestern peninsula provides plenty of activities and attractions that will appeal to anyone looking for an enjoyable holiday.


Bodrum boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Turkey. Whether you visit Bardakci Cove or Yahsi, you will be sure to fall in love with their white sands and crystal-clear blue waters that surround them.


Bodrum boasts an array of museums to discover. One of the largest is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, home to artifacts from age-old civilizations submerged in the sea. A must-visit for anyone interested in regional history and an excellent way to conclude your trip to Bodrum.


Bodrum offers an array of shopping opportunities, with clothing and accessories from both international brands and local favorites alike. Yakimaz Marina boasts many shops featuring designer goods as well as local fashion labels.

Bodrum offers a variety of boat trips and cruises for tourists to experience the coastline and take in its natural splendour. Popular options include party boats or private yachts.