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Where to Go For Lunch on a Boat Bodrum

Where to Have Lunch on a Boat Bodrum

Enjoy one of Bodrum’s daily boat tours for some relaxation on the water. These tranquil excursions take you to side bays and islands along the coastline with plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing and other water activities. All tours come complete with an experienced guide and include lunch served approximately halfway through your voyage.

Experience Turkey’s stunning Bodrum Peninsula from its port! Take in stunning scenery as you cruise along its golden shoreline framed by forests and hills. Plus, don’t miss out on several stops for swimming, snorkeling or visiting Kara Ada Island – an idyllic island located off shore!

Restaurants to Eat in Bodrum

From traditional Turkish cuisine to fresh seafood, Bodrum’s coastal town has plenty of mouthwatering restaurants to choose from. One great place to start is Memedof which offers an array of dishes featuring the region’s incredibly fresh fish while you sit right by the water for some relaxation.

Memedof’s meze platters feature saksuka (fried aubergines with yogurt and garlic sauce), fava, deniz borulcesi (samphire), lakerda (salted bonito) and midye dolma (stuffed mussels). Grilled fish is another choice; this comes complete with tangerine sorbet for dessert.

Kuba Bar is a lively bar in Bodrum’s centre, serving up modern Turkish food and Latin music. The atmosphere here is friendly and relaxed, while the drinks are top-notch.

Moonlight Cafe Beach Bar is one of the best venues for live music in Bodrum, offering a blend of jazz, latin and pop. The bar serves an extensive selection of cocktails while the food menu boasts several seafood dishes.