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Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

Where to Eat in Bodrum

Bodrum offers an abundance of Aegean cuisine to visitors to its sparkling beaches, tranquil coves and majestic castle. However, if budgeting is an issue for you, don’t worry: there are still plenty of local restaurants that won’t break your budget.

Where to Eat in Bodrum

Dining options abound throughout the city’s main squares and on the harbour promenade. Cheery restaurateurs will tempt you with their menus, but for an authentic local flavor head to canteen-style eateries with dishes served from a front counter.

Deli Sarpa (Crazy Bream)

Delicious and reasonably priced, deli sarpa (also called sokan) is a must-try in Bodrum. Skilfully caught by experienced fishermen, this tough fish quickly wins the hearts of locals who love it for its unique taste.

Two-banded Seabream

For something a little more refined, the two-banded seabream (gupes or kupez in Turkish) is one of Bodrum’s most beloved fish species. Caught from both Mediterranean and Black Sea waters, it’s a must-try at any seafood restaurant in town.


Cruciferous vegetables form the basis of Turkish cuisine and, among its many delights, cibes (an edible weed related to wild radish) is a favorite with locals. It often appears in salad form at taverns but can also be enjoyed raw or stir-fried with yoghurt for extra creaminess.