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Where is Bodrum Located?

Where is Bodrum located?

Bodrum often gets compared to the French Riviera, yet its history blends seamlessly with modernization for an irresistibly charming atmosphere. From pink bougainvillaea cascading down whitewashed houses, to the Castle of St Peter dividing two bays, its beaches are simply stunning.

Halicarnassus, or Bodrum as it is more commonly known, was an important figure in ancient history. It served as capital of Caria kingdom and birthplace to Herodotus – one of the greatest philosophers ever born.

On the Bodrum peninsula, one can still spot remnants of Halicarnassus’ empire. Among other archaeological sites uncovered there is also the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus – one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World.

Bodrum boasts a number of fascinating museums, one being the Museum of Underwater Archaeology – an absolute must-visit. Constructed from remnants from 15th century castle walls, this structure serves as a prime example of this style of architecture.

Boat trips around the stunning coves, bays and beaches along Turkey’s coastline are a popular tourist activity. Tour providers offer various options; if you have some extra time on your hands, why not take a day or three-day cruise through this breathtaking region?

Bodrum offers an exciting nightlife, featuring seafront bars, restaurants and cafes along with clubs to keep you entertained. For a classic pub crawl experience, head over to Bar Street in Old Town which is packed with bars and clubs offering various drinks at different prices.