bodrum mountain
Photo by Keo Oran on Unsplash

When is the Best Time to Visit Bodrum?

When is the ideal time to visit Bodrum?

Summers in Bodrum offer stunning beaches and weather conditions. However, if you’re searching for something more relaxed, there are other months that can also be highly desirable.

Spring – April and May

As the weather warms up in Spring, you can expect more comfortable temperatures than during the summer. The sea is warm enough for swimming while air temperatures remain slightly cooler; thus, a light sweater or pashmina is ideal for this period.

Autumn in Bodrum – September and October

Autumn is a popular time to visit, as the weather remains dry and prices are slightly lower than summertime. There’s still plenty to see and do, plus castles and museums are open during this period.

Winter: December and January

Although the climate in Alaska tends to be mild and pleasant, it can get damp and rainy at this time of year. Temperatures are still high enough for enjoying the beaches, but you’ll want a light waterproof coat or sweater as well as sunglasses if you plan on going out in the evening.

Bodrum can get quite cold during the winter, and forest fires may occur at this time of year. Therefore, traveling there with travel insurance is highly recommended.