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What Visa Do I Need To Visit Istanbul And Bodrum?

What Visa Do I Need for Istanbul and Bodrum

No matter if you are visiting Istanbul and Bodrum on business or pleasure, you must apply for the correct visa. There are various types of visas, each with its own specific requirements.

Tourist/Travel Visas

Tourist/travel visas are non-immigrant visas that allow you to enter a foreign country for tourism purposes and stay for a limited amount of time. They do not give you the right to work or engage in any business activities while in the host nation.

Business/Work Visas

If you are coming to Turkey for business purposes, a business visa is required in order to enter the country. These are usually short-term visas but some may be valid for longer periods of time.

When applying for a visa in Turkey, you must present documents that demonstrate your purpose of travel. This could include an official letter or document from your employer, proof of business in Turkey, an invitation or other evidence to prove why you are here.

You must provide documentation demonstrating your financial capacity to cover expenses during your stay in the country. This could include a bank statement or other proof that you have enough cash on hand.

Bring a passport valid for at least six months from your arrival in Turkey and three months after it expires, with at least one blank page to fill in your visa details.