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What Kind of Trees Grow in Bodrum?

What kind of trees grow in Bodrum?

Bodrum is a Mediterranean resort that boasts an impressive cultural heritage. As such, the city draws tourists from around the globe.

Bodrum enjoys a warm and sunny climate all year round. In summer it can get quite hot and humid, while winters tend to be dry and rainy.

Bodrum has two types of vegetation: coniferous pine and shrubbery. The pine forests are mostly found along the north and south shores of the peninsula.

Bodrum is blessed with stunning bays and beaches that invite tourists to swim, sunbathe and simply unwind. Summers in Bodrum are especially popular during this period as they offer visitors the perfect weather conditions for such activities.

Accommodation in Bodrum offers a diverse range of apartments and houses, from studio apartment sizes to multiple room flats. Furthermore, many villas can be found both inside the city center and along the seashore next to it.

Luxurious hotels with stunning sea and city views as well as high-end restaurants where you can sample the exquisite cuisine of this beautiful country. Local dishes often consist of vegetables, olive oil and seafood.

Spend your vacation in this vibrant city. There are endless activities to do and it makes for a memorable stay. Plus, the city is safe and welcoming for all tourists – young or old alike.