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What is the Weather Like in Bodrum Turkey?

What is the weather like in Bodrum turkey?

Summers are ideal for visiting Bodrum; sun shines and you can take some rays on the beach! However, if you’re looking for a less intense environment, autumn can also be an excellent option.

Springtime in Bodrum is the ideal time for a holiday, when rainfall clears and landscapes begin to bloom. Take advantage of all that Bodrum has to offer with its outdoor events and activities – plus it’s a popular destination during Easter holidays!

Winter is another ideal time to visit Bodrum, though it can be slightly cooler at night than during the summer. Therefore, you may want to pack warmer clothes than you did for summer and make sure you apply some sunscreen for extra protection.

March is the transition month between winter and spring, with temperatures beginning to warm up and rain clouds appearing early on before turning into sunny spells. While this is an idyllic time of year to visit, be aware that some attractions close early for the season so it’s worth checking before you travel.

April heralds the start of spring, when landscapes start to bloom with vibrant color. It’s a great time to visit Bodrum for Easter holidays as weather remains mild and there are fewer tourists around.

Based on our beach/pool score, the ideal time to visit Bodrum for hot-weather activities is from early June to late September. Temperatures in this period typically range from 75degF to 90degF with highs around 83degF.